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Commonwealth Advertising Services

Cost   …There is no cost for using a media buyer. The media outlet compensates approved buying agencies through a split commission structure. You’ll spend the exact same amount for your advertising whether you use a buying service or not. Media Buyers are compensated by the media, not by your business, so there’s no added cost to you.

Media Planning … We plan effective advertising campaigns using a wide mix of media. (Print, television, radio, direct-mail, outdoor, and search engine marketing.) We utilize media that will give your business a reach-versus-cost advantage. We’ll maximize your advertising budget by reaching the largest percentage of your target market at the lowest possible cost.

Media Buying …We represent your business in negotiating rates and placing ad buys. Our background in media sales gives us inside knowledge of the process and puts us in a stronger position to deliver a better deal for our clients. Our history buying various media gives us the ability to analyze and compare rates ensuring your business doesn’t unknowingly pay an inflated price.

Creative Services … We will create an effective message. Producing the right message is equally important to choosing the right medium. We have years of experience writing copy and producing advertising messages for print, radio, TV, and the internet. We’ll help you identify your unique selling position and then use it to create a coordinated advertising campaign that garners results.

Representation … We serve as your company’s representative in communications with advertising vendors. We receive solicitations from ad reps on your behalf, listen to each proposal, screen out plans that don’t fit your objectives, and bring qualified plans to your attention. This service helps you save valuable time while preventing you from missing out on valuable opportunities.

Media Management … We manage your billing and insertion orders. We work to ensure priority placements and demand make-goods when necessary. Throughout your campaign we monitor the ad schedules to verify delivery of the media, and tweak the plan to increase performance.


At Commonwealth Advertising, we take pride in our promise to effectively communicate and keep you, our client the focus of our existence. We consider ourselves a branch of your business and look forward to growing with you.

Commonwealth Advertising l P. O. Box 1642 l Wakefield, MA 01880 l P: 617-799-8353 l F: 781-245-1976

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